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Boost your monetization IQ with real-time ad metadata

What’s running on your platform?

Adcurate™ provides real time info on the human validated advertiser name, ad category, and audience suitability for all inbound CTV ads. Partners can leverage this data for a better understanding of what’s running on the platform, more accurate category blocking, and to reliably service publishers with sensitive audiences.

Accurate Data Makes Platforms More Effective

Most programmatic platforms rely on self-declared IAB advertiser categories to filter ads. This creates serious brand safety issues for publishers and audiences alike as categories can be misrepresented or incorrect and often aren’t granular enough to be fully effective.

Adcurate™ validates the advertiser and IAB category of every ad ensuring effective ad blocking from undesirable categories like alcohol and politics.


of ad responses have the incorrect IAB Category associated


of ads that make it through traditional category blocking still aren’t appropriate for sensitive audiences


of streamers said bad ads would drive them to stop using an ad-supported video service.*

* Penthera 2021 U.S. Video Streaming Report

Our Process


Ad comes in with a bid response.


Adcurate provides human verified metadata for advertiser name, category, and suitability for audience.


Platforms leverage data for more effective blocking and better servicing of publishers with sensitive audiences.

Intelligent Frequency Capping Through Better Ad Insights


Over saturation of the same ad creative can cause a negative experience for users. 69% of U.S. adults said they think ads on streaming services are repetitive 79% are bothered by that experience.

Adcurate can mitigate overly repetitive ads by correctly identifying the advertiser behind each creative, even when no other external signals are provided. Publishers can user this metadata to accurately frequency cap and block duplicate ads in the same pod.

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NOV 17, 2022

Accurate data makes platforms more effective

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of more accurate ad metadata?

More accurate advertiser category blocking. Safer service for publishers with sensitive audiences. Quick sourcing of brand safe ads that can run in any programming. Better understanding of what advertisers are running on your platform.

Why is the correct ad category data so important?

Incorrect category data makes blocking ineffective and can result in the wrong audience seeing an inapproporiate ad. Ads from blocked categories can damage your reputation and diminish trust. For instance, it’s common to see political ads incorrectly categorized as health and fitness or gambling ads mislabeled as entertainment.

CTV is a premium format and users expect a premium ad experience.

What do you mean by human verified?

Adcurate™ uses proprietary AI to pre-filter creatives, but ultimately all data is verified by a member of the Safe Exchange team.

We know bid stream data isn’t always accurate and AI isn’t a perfect solution – especially when dealing with suitability for sensitive audiences. In order to achieve the most accurate metadata there has to be a human element in the equation.

Who manages the Ad Classification process?

Our ad classification process leverages our proprietary technology designed and executed by Safe Exchange Quality Assurance teams. Our reviewers are Safe Exchange in-house employees and undergo thorough training in our creative guidelines.

Can the Ad Classification process delay campaigns?

No. Creative is classified in real-time upon receipt. The SLA for a “first seen” creative ID is 5 minutes. Classified creatives are rendered in milliseconds. Creatives can also be provided for review in advance of a campaign launch.

Do you offer an Ad Classification audit?

Yes, we do. Reach out.

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