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Leveraging AdCurate™ data, AdFilter provides Publisher and Platforms filtering across their demand stack with customizable and granular blocking capabilities.

Access to real-time, human verified ad metadata

Effective filtering of ads based on unique customer preferences

Works across your entire demand stack


Append our code to any existing demand tags


The foundation and gold star standard for validated ad metadata.

AdCurate delivers real time human validated ad metadata to Publishers and Platforms requiring accuracy in their ad decisioning.

Access to real-time, human verified ad metadata

Leverage AdCurateTM data to build your own unique blocking profiles

Works across your entire demand stack


Access via AdCurateTM API


AdCurateTM filtering combined with our premium demand for Publishers and Platforms looking to add brand safe, incremental demand.

Access to real-time, human verified ad metadata

Effective filtering of ads based on unique customer preferences

Includes AdSource’s Premium demand


Simple VAST or oRTB integration

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Safe ExchangeTM is committed to protecting and respecting your privacy, and we’ll only use the details given above to provide the products and services you have requested.

Safe Exchange for


Direct access to premium CTV opportunities

Safe Exchange


Safe Exchange is a premium CTV marketplace designed for scale, efficiency, and transparency. Our ad quality tools allow us to bring new supply opportunities into the ecosystem that aren’t available elsewhere programmatically.

We work with top CTV publishers and our own O&O streaming apps to provide a diverse supply marketplace and deliver a premium, safe ad experience. Safe Exchange is available to target today in most major DSPs.

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Unlock the Power of Co-viewing Families

Parents are a valuable audience for advertisers. While actively engaged in watching content with their children, advertisers have a proven route to capturing  parents’ attention.

Our research shows that 69% of parents reported having purchased products that were targeted to them while co-viewing, and 82% of parents purchased a product based on what their children saw in an ad.

Exclusive O&O Supply

The most direct access to our own premium CTV streaming apps

Premium CTV and Mobile Inventory

Kidoodle.TV® is a Safe Streaming™ platform with over 45,000 episodes of premium content for families with kids 12 and under.

Every episode of our content is vetted by our trusted team, for a quality viewing experince that parents can enjoy watching with their kids.

Next Level Streaming

Glitch+ is the next step for 8 – 16 year-olds to gain independence over their online content experience. A curated space to watch their favorite gamers, influencers, content creators, and friends without the dangers of the open internet.

Providing a sophisticated and age-appropriate environment Glitch+ ensures brand integrity while delivering the content young teens want to see in the safe environment parents demand.

Leave COPPA to us!

The Safe Exchange platform is built to be COPPA compliant to help protect our clients.

We work with each of our publishers to understand their audience and the ad content that’s appropriate for their viewers. Services with a child-targeted audience will only receive age-appropriate ads through our proprietary ad review process.

Safe Exchange also employs proprietary measures to remove PII and other sensitive data from the bid stream when needed.

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NOV 17, 2022

Direct access to premium CTV opportunities

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