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Leveraging AdCurate™ data, AdFilter provides Publisher and Platforms filtering across their demand stack with customizable and granular blocking capabilities.

Access to real-time, human verified ad metadata

Effective filtering of ads based on unique customer preferences

Works across your entire demand stack


Append our code to any existing demand tags


The foundation and gold star standard for validated ad metadata.

AdCurate delivers real time human validated ad metadata to Publishers and Platforms requiring accuracy in their ad decisioning.

Access to real-time, human verified ad metadata

Leverage AdCurateTM data to build your own unique blocking profiles

Works across your entire demand stack


Access via AdCurateTM API


AdCurateTM filtering combined with our premium demand for Publishers and Platforms looking to add brand safe, incremental demand.

Access to real-time, human verified ad metadata

Effective filtering of ads based on unique customer preferences

Includes AdSource’s Premium demand


Simple VAST or oRTB integration

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Safe Exchange for


Allowing publishers peace of mind that their audiences are safe from inappropriate content and bad ads.

Grow revenue with audience-appropriate, safe demand

Our unique, real-time ad quality review allows publishers to safely leverage more demand channels than ever before.


Unlock a wide range of global demand opportunities. Safe Exchange is the trusted supplier of choice for leading global agencies, marketers, and DSPs. Our extensive network of demand enables you to explore fresh prospects and attract additional buyers and campaigns.

By partnering with the Safe Exchange monetization platform, you can now have full ad safety for sensitive audiences while leveraging all demand channels to capture the highest CPM possible.

Keeping Your Audience Safe with Safe Exchange

Most programmatic platforms rely on self-declared IAB advertiser categories to filter ads. This creates serious brand safety issues for Publishers and Audiences alike as categories can be misrepresented or incorrect and often aren’t granular enough to be fully effective.

Safe Exchange sets the bar higher with real human-based review of every ad on our platform.

40% of ads that make it through traditional SSPs blocking still need to be blocked for inappropriate content by our human review team.

* Safe Exchange findings

60% of bids for rejected ads have the incorrect category declared in the bid response.

* Safe Exchange findings

43% of streamers said bad ads would drive them to stop using an ad- supported video service.*

* Penthera 2021 U.S. Video Streaming Report

Our Process


New creative is fingerprinted and put into holding.


Ads are prefiltered based on inventory specs.


Safe Exchange team reviews each ad in its entirety.

Reviewers verify and update IAB category and Advertiser name. Creative is then filtered for ad category, content, and tone.


Once creative has been filtered in initial review process, it is stored in our database.

Subsequent presentations of the same creative require only a confirmation of approved status.

Fact Sheet

NOV 17, 2022

Keeping Publishers and Audiences Safe with Safe Exchange

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of the Safe Exchange ad review process over other ad exchanges?

Safe Exchange’s human review provides the efficacy and safety that other review platforms don’t offer. Our reviewers undergo thorough training for accuracy. With a fully managed service, our clients don’t have to devote resources to ensuring a clean ad experience. Safe Exchange allows publishers to unlock the value of full programmatic monetization without concerns of ad safety.

Why is the correct ad category data so important?

Incorrect category data makes blocking ineffective and can result in the wrong audience seeing an inapproporiate ad. Ads from blocked categories can damage your reputation and diminish trust. For instance, it’s common to see political ads incorrectly categorized as health and fitness or gambling ads mislabeled as entertainment.

CTV is a premium format and users expect a premium ad experience.

Who manages the Creative Review process?

Our ad classification process leverages proprietary technology and is reviewed by Safe Exchange Quality Assurance teams. Our reviewers are in-house employees who undergo thorough training in our creative guidelines.

Can the Creative Review process delay campaigns?

No. Creative is approved or rejected in real-time upon receipt. The SLA for a “first seen” creative ID is 5 minutes. Approved creatives are rendered in milliseconds. Creatives can also be provided for review in advance of a campaign launch.

Do you offer a Creative Review audit?

Yes, we do. Reach out to learn more!